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live weekly training February 21 - May 23, 2021

with Sat Devbir and Hillary Faye


Welcome to a Higher Plane of Love Consciousness, Freedom, and Sacred Understanding. The Councils of Light have spoken. They have dictated this course curriculum for the Light Workers and Way Showers on Earth who wish to step into the next level of service and consciousness. The mysteries of the Universe are not forbidden from humans, they just require a deeper investment of our energy to access.  We will make contact with some of the Highest Consciousness, Wisdom, and Beings of Light available in order to awaken and empower the collective mission to evolve our souls as well as humanity at large.

Yoga & Meditation online :: tuesdays at 6:30pm

community class


take a peek at the Mystics Retreat castle experience in Loire Valley, France

Online Course

"introduction to Crystal Healing"

now available::

Visit the Trainings page for more information about CRYSTAL ACADEMY, Reiki Training, and other certifications with Sat Devbir!


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