Getting Un-Stuck

December 21, 2012

As we experience the quickening energy of 2012, it’s become apparent that we must let go of limiting beliefs in order to fully experience the power of the new Age. We are constantly being presented with choices to follow Truth and be guided toward expansion, or to avoid change and live with the pain of resistance.


If you are willing to accept the invitation to a higher frequency and more fulfilling life experience, you’ll have to get real with yourself and face the hard stuff. Even though your patterns feel cozy, some must be overcome in order to experience what’s waiting on the other side of them.


The mind is beyond space and time, so it is no surprise that it takes some work to discipline. We release 1000 thoughts per blink of the eye, and once a thought is recognized by the conscious mind, it imprints itself in the brain. This then amplifies the energy of the thought, and since thought waves have their own unique frequency, we are unconsciously broadcasting energies that are picking up similar energies from everyone and everything around us. This is where you are forced to take responsibility for what you are experiencing in your life, as you are pulling things in like a magnet according to what you’re focusing your thoughts on.


Most of us have been taught that hard work, beating down doors, and a “hit-the-pavement” attitude will lead to success. This can be true, but not necessarily because of the blood, sweat, and tears; rather, because we focused our thoughts on something and it is thought waves that manifest outcome.


The key to getting out of thought patterns that are manifesting unwanted results is not to create resistance to negative thinking or deny negative emotion, but to simply stop perceiving unwanted events as part of your reality.


If you pray each night that you will not be in poverty or sadness, the Universe will only hear poverty and sadness, and that is the experience you will create. If you instead focus your thoughts and prayers on abundance and joy, you will release poverty and sadness from the energy you’re broadcasting and instead attract abundance and joy.


Give yourself permission to be the artist of your experience and paint it the way you want. Allow yourself to imagine, and commit to a daily practice that brings flexibility to the mind. Meditating with mantra*, journaling with affirmations**, or just sitting still with long, deep breathing can cultivate new, useful thought patterns to replace the old ones. It takes effort and patience, but it is an invaluable investment that works with Universal law, guaranteed to reap rewards.


God flows through us and we are the creators as well as the creation, so we have the right to upgrade “requests” to affirmations. Instead of thinking about what you want like it’s separate from you, think of it as if it’s already happened and it’s already yours. Give up your excuses and the negative mind’s attachment to what is “realistic” or not. The more you catch yourself in limiting thoughts and pivot them to the limitless nature of infinity, the better you will feel; mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The way we experience time is transforming, and we are able to manifest things much faster than before. Choose to focus on things that are healing, nourishing, and uplifting for yourself and for all. The brain is built to be a problem solver, but the heart and soul are bigger, and they dwell in harmony. Broadcast love and watch it multiply back to you.


“Everybody is working on a thought form… The power of man is in his thought. There is nothing else… this is a thought which can make or mar your life.” – Yogi Bhajan


*How to meditate with mantra:

Meditating on a mantra is an effective way to break the mind’s regular patterns and clear the subconscious. It can be as simple as mentally or verbally repeating “I am peace” or any word/phrase that feels uplifting. Using ancient Gurmukhi mantras is even more effective, such as “Sat Nam”, which means “Truth is my identity”. For more mantras like this, browse the Mantra-pedia section at


**How to create your affirmations:

Journaling with affirmations is a similar practice to meditating on mantras: simply write uplifting words/phrases, and write about what is going well in your life. Write about what you are excited to manifest. Things you are grateful for. Create text which amplifies your positive thoughts and creates more of the same.




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