As we experience the quickening energy of 2012, it’s become apparent that we must let go of limiting beliefs in order to fully experience the power of the new Age. We are constantly being presented with choices to follow Truth and be guided toward expansion, or to avoid change and live with the pain of resistance.

If you are willing to accept the invitation to a higher frequency and more fulfilling life experience, you’ll have to get real with yourself and face the hard stuff. Even though your patterns feel cozy, some must be overcome in order to experience what’s waiting on the other side of them.

The mind is beyond space and time, so it is no surprise that it takes some work to discipline. We release 1000 thoughts per blink of the eye, and once...

Last year as 11-11-11 approached, I could feel the rumbling vibration of change, the fear in those who would resist it, and the hope in those who would embrace it. For me, there was only one option. It was time for me to show my mind who was boss once and for all. I called my sister who is 9 years younger and confessed that I was about to turn my entire life upside down and make a complete mess out of everything that made me feel safe. She is wise beyond her years and said, “Well, you have to follow your heart.” That I did. I knew that in order to see the shift in humanity that I had been praying for during this change of Ages, I had to start deep within me.

We are not our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, or bosses. We are not...

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"Consciousness is always observing you, eager to co-create with you" - Sat Devbir

"When your mind wants to judge or criticize someone's quirks, just remember how good it feels when people allow you to be yourself. Then return the favor.You will both be blessed" - Sat Devbir Singh

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